Here, comes my short road trip to LAKSHMAN SAGAR RESORT. We started our trip on the morning of March 21st. The resort lies 10 Kilometers off NH14 en-route to Jodhpur via Pali. To be more precise it is located in the center of the tourist circuit in the Marwar and Mewar region of Rajasthan. It took 3 hours and 50 minutes by road (personal car) for us to reach our destination

If you are not comfortable with the car journey, the closest commercial airport is about 2 hours away, while Haripur railway station is only 3 Kms. The Resort also provides a pick and drop Facility from both the locations, but my suggestion for anyone traveling must take the trip Via road itself, where you can actually feel picturesque Rajasthan.

OK, that said! Excited to know the story behind this place as generally every heritage place as a background history. To be honest with you I was so excited when I heard about it, wanted to know more about it and visit it.

Sooo… Every corner of the resort tells a story which is rooted in the authenticity of its very being.

Lakshman Sagar was built in late 19 century as a hunting lodge by the Thakur of Raipur, Lakshman Singh Ji (named after him of course!) to host his family and British envoys. As the continuation of hospitality, he designed the place into 2 quarters separate for men and women ( Zanana and Mardana) which are now used as dining areas. Here, he had purely depicted the Rajputana culture and traditions like pardah system, a reflection of mehfils and baithak which were mandatory in those times.

The Resort is spread over 32 acres along with the man-made lakes, wherein there are beautiful 12 mud and stone cottages of about 900 sq.ft which seemed to be so well planned and also supplement the Zanana and Mardana simultaneously gives an inspirational experience of both private and public interaction with nature. The owner wanted to hide this resort from the local and nearby people but got highlighted after the one video go viral about the property. Along with this, it follows the zero kilometer concepts which reflect a “slow” lifestyle and is very peaceful, away from the chaos of the city life; there is No television facility & Music, no internet. There is just you and Nature.

The ambiance of the resort has large wind chime installation of brass vessels like lotas( pots),bellans(rolling pins) and mathinis ( butter churners) to a jalebi patel(wok) as a key holder and a shoe cleaner from mini brooms , thus the interior of the resort gives you a complete feeling of village and if you are a lover of village environment then this place is MUST VISIT!! For you where you can relax complete day with a free mind and enjoy with family and friends.

The resort has been formed into clusters with cottages on either side of the lake. The rooms are nested within the natural topography where you can experience village culture and life and the best part is everything in the room has a story to tell you, which you will definitely like. If you know how to swim or fond of pools, each room opens into private splash pool overlooking the lake, the environment creating a visual bliss coordinating with the amazing view of the surrounding landscape. All this adding up to give you a very peaceful and relaxing time much needed!!!



The dining at Lakshman sagar is simply awesome and purely organic. They serve traditional cuisine, especially the hunting recipes of the royal families Rajput clan. The food combines refreshing seasonal ingredients that are locally grown and sourced. The ‘to have’ experience there is the customized private dining, where you enjoy campfire meals and live cooking. From freshly made breakfast of local delicacies amidst the fields to lunch beside the lake or a romantic dinner on a float, the options for dining on this location are many and must-haves. A MUST thing is Rajasthani Thali which all should TRY as it is so pure and very delicious.

It has a single rock cut swimming pool; the Sun-deck meant for sunbathing and leisure; One of the best experiences to have amidst the desert area is Kayaking, it is the use of kayak for moving across water ( guided by the instructor) AND now I can sail in KAYA!! ; and the nature walk(where one person from the property assist you). A unique menu for the visitors; customized itinerary; private dining and live cooking; a man-made private lake with lounge decks and an organic vegetable garden. Yoga & meditation, guided nature walks, breakfasts in the field, vegetable harvesting, village tours & Raipur fort is worth visiting. One can experience jeep safaris if they wish too. Trek to Fatehgarh fort, sundowners on the Zanana terrace, live barbeques & cocktails by the lake will make your day fantastic along with the local music performance. You can also buy customized juttis & silver jewellery.
This is a place for the people who are more interested in exploring the local culture and region, from the royal heritage to local village culture to wild India. The resort itself provides a gateway to an overabundance of views & sounds that attracts everyone for a travel experience in India.

I must say it is one of the hidden gems of Rajasthan, the picture-perfect surrounding of Lakshman Sagar not only makes it a perfect romantic destination but also a place to where you can easily disconnect from the hustle bustle of the city life. These customized local experiences highlight the ‘self-sustaining life’ and allows you to connect to the place, create unforgettable memories, enlightening experience that rejuvenates and satisfy your soul and mind.



Lakshman Sagar

Raipur road, Haripur Railway Station,

Distt Pali, Rajasthan – 306304

Tel: +91-1139585266


click here to visit.


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