Here is the most beautiful season of the year, where you can wear beautiful, smart, and easy going clothes and eat what you feel like as you have a wide variety of food.

These days organic clothing is so trending, that everyone is moving towards it. Organic clothing is the type of clothes made from materials raised in or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards or recycled materials. Organic clothing may be made of cotton, Jute, Silk, Ramie or wool.

Today, I am focusing on bikini brands which are eco-friendly as well as organic. I know everyone is fond of bikinis. Here are the best bikini brands that you should own this summer and make your summer a fantastic one.


Ladies, give your body the utmost comfort and bliss with organic underwear from Inner Sense. It is one of the most fabulous undergarment brands for women that has all its pieces made from organic cotton, bamboo fibre, and antimicrobial properties. Also, this brand inhibits the growth of bacteria that is often aided by chemical additives.

Price Range: Below Rs. 500 to 1500


Oceaniss brings together chic swim and resorts wear brands in a single beach bag ideal for wearing in, any and all of the oceans of the world… OCEANISS is a paragon of perfection, creating a symphony of style, comfort and elegance— Every item purchased from OCEANISS can be a stunning ensemble worn. The goal has been a noble one – to make the Indian female body type look great in fine swimwear designed to hide what needs the tuck-in and enhance what’s meant to be noticed. Smartly hand-picked suits give women of all body-types, a chance to make eyes go wide and jaws drop. Be it Oceanus or Triton, they’d all be drooling over your svelte form, poured into their products.


After reading this I am sure your next purchase will be from Slinkii. This is for the style in and out of the gym, where you look good and will feel great. Secondly, with every purchase, you can help the planet by planting a tree to aid reforestation in those areas that need it the most. Thirdly, it maintains the quality forever.

The cotton is all organic, the yoga mats are made up of Jute plants and natural rubber and the swimmer is made from reclaimed abandoned fishing nets, saving hundreds of turtles and fishes etc. Here it makes a difference.

Price: Starting from INR 2500/-


You are a sun-kissed California Lifestyle Brand whose love of the seaside drives us daily. The designs focus on that chic, yet unfussy coastal – cool lifestyle, making waves on and off the beach. You are the skin-baring natural beauty. The soft, sensual bikini that you covet and the beach-chic dress that quickly becomes the go-to in your closet. You are the girly-girl who doesn’t take the world around us too seriously. They invite you to Love, Laugh, Lounge and Live with them.

Price: Starting from $50


Azura Bay carries a curated collection of ethical and eco-conscious swimwear and lingerie brands, and many of the brands they carry are female owned. Azura Bay is committed to choosing green practices as much as possible through their packaging and when you make a purchase, the company will donate a portion of the proceeds from your order to one of three charitable organizations of your choice

Price Range: Bottoms start at $49, tops start at $75


VAUTE was founded by Chicagoan Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart as a quest to take animals out of the fashion equation. VAUTE swimwear is eco-conscious and made of recycled carpet fibres and is sustainably & ethically cut and sewn in NYC. The company continues to develop innovative textiles and apparel so that one day the world will look at wearing animals as a thing of the past.

Price: Bottoms start at $72, Tops start at $88


Vitamin A Swimwear is created in California, inspired by travel and modern art. The brand is leading the way with EcoLux, a superfine matte jersey swim fabric produced locally in California, using recycled nylon fibre to conserve resources and LYCRA XTRA LIFE fibre to extend the life of each swimsuit far beyond that of traditional spandex products. Their prints are created, when possible, with waterless digital technology at factories specially chosen for their innovative approaches to conserving electricity and water.

Price range: Bottoms start at $60, tops start at $88


Beth Richards is on a mission to challenge the world’s idea of beauty and to provide confidence and empowerment “one-piece” at a time. The swimwear line uses Italian fabric engineered for athletes boasting superior stretch and durability as well as 50+ UVB Protection. Every garment is Made in Canada with ethical and first world wages for employees.

Price Range: Bottoms start at $100, tops start at $80


Fauna curates sustainable, stylish and carefully crafted swimwear (in addition to clothing and accessories) from Brazilian brands and designers. Fauna takes into account the 3 P’s: People, Planet, and Product, and each brand the online boutique carries values decreasing waste, taking care of our environment, making high-quality products that last and producing their clothing under fair labour practices. I personally have one of their suits, and I love it! It’s made of biodegradable polyamide, which biodegrades within four years of being disposed of in a landfill, and the Brazilian cut is making me love my butt again!


Natasha Tonic’s swimwear is made out of a natural, eco-friendly hemp fabric that is anti-microbial, UV resistant, durable, and better for your skin and the planet. Their suits also can do double duty as lingerie, bodysuits, or activewear. They are designed, dyed, and sewn locally in Los Angeles, California.


Ethically made in New York City from recycled fabrics, this quality swimwear is super flattering, UPF 50+, and shockingly cheap, for only $95


The popular athleisure brand ADAY just debuted a reversible one-piece and bikini with a top that can double as a bra. The modern, colour-blocked suits are designed with recycled technical fabric made from post-consumer materials such as old plastic bottles.


Aura’s young and fun bathing suits are made of recycled polyamide made from discarded fishing nets and elastane.



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