My next destination was… It is India’s Financial Powerhouse, Fashion epicenter and a place which gave birth to Indian Cinema.  A city full of dreamers, artists, millionaires, skyscrapers, and lots & lots of people. It has Asia’s biggest slum as well as world’s most expensive home

Yes, you guessed it Right!!… It’s MUMBAI… ‘Amchi’ Mumbai!!!

Here, We started our journey on 27th March, early morning and had boarded the flight at 8: 30. Now we had landed in Mumbai Airport, Stepping down from the flight weather was hot & humid and the place had a furious energy . I was pretty excited as was visiting hill station near the Coastal area. It was FOREST HILL AT TALA. We did not have any stop in Mumbai, and the cab was waiting for us at the airport which was sent by the resort itself.

Forest Hills@ Tala, has been designed and built to exceed expectations, even as it promises a rare blend of privacy and indulgence. Folded away in a forest close to the Tala caves, this luxury retreat plays to the senses, giving you a chance to rediscover a holistic sense of self. It looks like an artistic landscape of greenery, serene water bodies and an edge of the valley backdrop…A perfect holiday destination or a place every traveler want to visit. Forest Hill at Tala gives you one of the kind experiences of holiday that you would always wish too and desires for truly unique time.

You must be thinking it is just like other resorts!!..What’s makes forest hill @ Tala different from others..It is their ides of luxury begins with a fantastic use of the space and nature. This is a private sanctuary that offers a varied range of accommodation options depending upon one’s mood and state of mind, as peacekeeping as you would like. Depending upon your travel mood and the co-travelers, they have Offered detailed cottages, stunning container homes, spectacular Barn Cabins, Captivating Treehouses and a unique Glasshouse.

So, heading towards the forest hill, it took 3 hours to reach our destination… Finally, at 4 pm we reached the resort. We had a warm welcome and as we start our journey early in the morning, we were very hungry…So we decided to grab the lunch first. Our first meal in the resort was the Kerala thali which has three types of vegetables, chapatti, rice, and dal, papad/pickle was complimentary and accompanied by delicious desert Payasam. After lunch, we relaxed in our glass house cottage which was one of the best amongst all others. A  Villa enclosed by glass and wood where you can soak the unrevealed and unobstructed beauty. Lush green, blue skies, the valley below and mountains on one side….It sounds so perfect, isn’t it??

Yes, it was, as perfect as one could have dreamt of. No Curtains, No blinders, Just YOU AND NATURE!! The cottage was built on stilts, the sprawling and a 2000 sq.ft tree house built on two levels interconnected by a spiral staircase. Each level has its private balcony with a cozy sit-out and a private bathroom…SIMPLY AMAZING!!

After relaxing in the beautiful cottage, we came at the sunset point for HI-TEA. And the chef prepared delicious snacks for the evening, the menu was Nutella sandwiches, chili toast, and their special Masala chai. Soon after the HI-Tea we took a small property round, which was like a cherry on the cake, made our evening more beautiful and pleasant. the same night in the resort was chilling, so the team at Tala had planned it more special for us by playing a movie under the sky which was accompanied by light dinner, we had a light dinner of sandwiches.The lunch was heavy but very tasty. The resort has given us an opportunity to watch a movie of our choice, so we had decided to watch Padmavat as it was not running in Rajasthan and we desperately wanted to see it from the day trailer had been released. At the end of the first day, I would say, as a whole, it was a beautiful and rejuvenating day

My Day TWO was started after taking a sound and relaxing sleep woke up at the time of breakfast. On the way to breakfast, I saw many duck and bird in the garden, they were beautiful and I couldn’t stop myself from feeding them just to spend some time with the lovely creature. For breakfast, our chef Danish was amazing and had prepared a giant king size breakfast for us. The Breakfast has Maharashtrian food accompanied by Punjabi alloo ke parothi. We were tummy full and decided to explore more of the resort. For the afternoon I had booked spa for myself. Sitting in the lap of nature at this mesmerizing forest hill resort, it feels like you are transported to a superlative state of blissful life. Trained Masseuses offer the spa services in two therapy rooms with treatment ranging from Balinese, Deep tissue, and Sandal Treatment. It is located between the treehopper rooms and the glass house which was simply amazing. The spa was the EPITOME of “ME-TIME”. After pampering myself amongst nature, in the evening around 6 pm, we were ready for our next activities at the sunset point, again had an HI-TEA, did archery and shooting which was a great experience. After that, we went for a bicycle ride. Around 9 pm, we did camping in the campgrounds, live bonfires, open movie theatre and awesome weather on the top which made everything so perfect!!


Early next morning went for Buddha Cave Trekking. Our way was adventurous, into the bushes And at last, we reached the Buddha caves, it was so beautiful art from ancient times. These Caves holding the water tubs and villagers use them for their daily needs and activities. The Caves from visitors point of you are beautifully sculptured. We spotted one half broken elephant statue, Buddha Statue and few symbols were written. It was a long, not east trek but an interesting one, so our guide called a cab for us and we went to the resort. Reaching back to resort, had a shower which was needed after a tiring day.

This was the end of our vacation in the forest hill and how its time to wind up our bags. We took breakfast and left for the airport.

I must say It is a LUXURIOUS DESTINATION THAT CELEBRATES NATURE. The hospitality was so warm that one could visit this place again and again. The view and property perfectly match one’s mood and rejuvenates the person. Amazing food, Quirky accommodation on the top outstanding service.



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