This trip was and will always be special for me, the place which got my whole heart. My first sponsored luxury Boutique Resort.

Though I am writing and updating about this fabulous resort a bit late, I am sure that after reading this you will surely visit it and feel the same as I do.


Sleepy yet Spectacular, the Narlai Village, a place full of feeling and excitement, a road of Ranakpur that has the marvelous heritage resort- RawalNarlai which is a fascinating base to enjoy the attractions of countryside between Jodhpur & Udaipur. Hidden away in the heart of Aravalli Hills, at the foot of the granite rock, surrounded by forested hills and rocky outcrops, RawalNarlai is beautifully maintained heritage resort, which was one of the Jagir villages of Jodhpur’s Royal Family. Still owned by the members of the Jodhpur family, the resort is now transformed from a mere hunting lodge into a stunning, stylish boutique hotel with all its original character and structure retained.

You can enjoy yourself in a lavish way in RawalNarlai – an enchanting journey of Royal Rajasthan!!


We had reached Rawla around 2 pm in the afternoon, drove from Jaipur and its 6 hours journey by road, where you can have good dhaba food for refreshment on the way.


We decided to take a shower before heading to the dining areas. Wrapped in the luxuriously plush and warm comfort from the royal style of living, the 32 well-appointed room at RawlaNarlai is a marvelous extension of Rajasthan’s regalia. Flooded with meticulously restored architecture and Lavishing ambiances, these rooms give a charming feel of Royal Rajasthan. Adding to that, the aristocratic tent at Narlai adds more excitement of living in Royal Caravan. The Rooms and Suites in the RawlaNarlai resort have five categories of rooms and you can choose them as per your preference. They are Classic Heritage Rooms, Grand Heritage Rooms, Luxury Grand Heritage Rooms, Jharoka Rooms, Narlai Suite. We got to stay in the most amazing and royal suite i.eNarlai Suite


The most exclusive royal suite!!. The art of enjoying luxuries is tastefully encouraged at this suite. The gorgeous bedroom with wide open sitting stretch and a lounge running complete length of the suite furnished richness is lavishly designed to render the kingly experience of living at RawlaNarlai, it is also used by the Maharaj when in Narlai which reflects an impressive style of regal living. Crested with the luxuriant dining affair at the scenic balcony, Narlai Suite in itself is the most amazing experience in Narlai.


The resort is abundant in characteristic, beauty and has a rustic charm. And the most important thing is that it creates a LIFETIME MEMORY. Beyond the countryside trips or the traditional heritage, it puts forth a complete package of excellent holiday and indulgent experience in the tiny hidden town of Narlai.


It was 7 pm and after an amazing day, we thought of relaxing and jumped into the pool for a quick relaxing shower. I had two good hours in the pool along with my Mocha coffee. Suddenly after few minutes, someone from the staff came and asked us to get ready for the FAMOUS STEPWELL DINNER.We got ready and came to the reception area. I saw few people discussing the stepwell dinner and a lady from the staff was giving a relaxing massage to each and every one. We came out from the hotel as we have to go a few minutes away from the hotel for stepwell.The staff people were accompanied to the dinner place. And after covering the dark sky, we came into heaven It is truly an experience that would linger on the fringes of your mind. Taste the flavor of true Rajasthani royal hospitality at the 16th Century old BAORI (STEPWELL) of RawlaNarlai. The journey begins when you gather at the courtyard, sip a welcome drink with the resident royal who will tell you the stories and history of the locals while you get adorned with the turbans & scarf and the transportation by bullock carts arranged for you that gives you complete feeling of being in Rajasthan, you are being entertained by the local Jogi singing the devotional folk songs in rich melodious voice.And for dinner what can I praise more!! RAWLA GOT THE BEST DINNER.This culinary experience ends with the return to the hotel courtyard by our jeeps and a welcome cup of calming herbal tea.


For those who like to enjoy the serene beauty of nature can opt for the trip to the nearby lake, where they can enjoy the flight of different migratory birds that nest around this lake. The short trip on our jeeps takes you to the nearby lake where you can relax and enjoy a cup of hot tea, feel the cool breeze on your face and watch the nature’s beauty.


I got up early to get really good pictures, not bothering for dear husband as he was so tired last day. At sharp 7 we were supposed to report at reception to accompany our horseman….YEAHHHH..finally horse riding..being my dream to ride a smart horse one day. It is basically for those who enjoy riding or would like to ride. A DREAM(DESIRE) COME TRUE!!. Nearby village had purebred Marwari horses that were the mounts of royalty in the past. You get your individual horses and we covered little part of the village, both hilly and plain even the jungle and a lake. Isn’t that too filmy but you will love it!! I was riding with danno, she was pregnant so we didn’t take a long ride but had a great experience.


After this luxurious lunch, we took rest for some time as our next activity was  Countryside Safari and the Leopard sighting. The rugged countryside of Godwad region can also be explored by taking a guided jeep safari.This ride includes a visit to nearby villages where you can see different craftsmen working, famous temples whose beautiful architecture must be seen and visit a traditional working farm. Another interesting spot is the stud farm that is the houses to the famous bred horses, typically found in the region. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT ONE NEVER GETS TO SEE OFTEN!!. The countryside is famous for the leopards and with time they have increased in number.You can experience the thrill of a customized ride on their jeeps for sighting beautiful and graceful cats. Though it is not easy to spot them, you can find them, sunning on the rock or resting under the shades of the tree. THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING ACTIVITY THAT RAWLA NARLAI OFFERS!! And we managed to see one leopard…Indeed an awesome experience. After the safari, we went for HI-TEA on a small cliff.


“The view from the Narlai hill is Spectacular”. The statue of the white elephant on the summit of the Narlai hill offers a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and the village below. A guided climb of over 700 steps to the summit to this hill gives a spectacular view of sunrise or sunset, whichever you may choose. Watch the glorious sunrise or sunset while sipping hot tea and you will feel completely charged and fresh!


After having breakfast we had spent some time near the poolside, there are cutie corners at Rawla for reading novels; forgot to mention it before. We relaxed the whole day and went to NARLAI SPA. It is a place where you can Rejuvenate and de-stress yourself. A perfect place to relax away from the fatigue and stress. They use ancient approach to wellness and it just magical!!. The skilled masseurs administer gives some soothing treatments and exhilarating range of services to suit your needs, and peaceful mind and soul.After a relaxing spa, we had our dinner on the rooftop, which just made the day. We had Tangy Tamarind Bruschettas. I could never think of getting such delicious English food in RawlaNarlai, took my heart away.



Over 100 steps into the Narlai hill takes you to a temple inside this hill which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is said that the great Indian Sage Shri Narad meditated here to please Lord Shiva and that’s how the village got its name. Later at some point in time, the devotees constructed this temple. Simple yet beautiful this temple is worth a visit. The silence and beauty of this temple will captivate you.


For those who would like to explore this splendid countryside on foot, Rawla Narlai has a few routes that you can choose from which last not more than few hours. The guide who is well versed in this area takes you around the rocky terrain where you can enjoy a picnic in the open countryside. Feel the silence around you and return back to the hotel with beautiful scenic photos that you will be bound to click.


Embark on a fascinating culinary journey with indulgent experiences of dining at different spectacular venues of Rawla Narlai. Indulge yourself in private dining at serene courtyards or enjoy our authentic recipes at scenic outdoor venues. The earnest staff is happy to delight you with various dining venues; maybe around a bubbly fountain or under the starry sky watching the slowly sleeping town below. Replete with antique furnishing, royal Rajput paintings and the touch of Rajasthan’s royalty, dining at Rawla Narlai in itself is a gratifying experience that you’ll cherish forever.

For dining, you have two different places where you can enjoy the food as well as cherish the Rajasthan royalty. JHAROKHA CAFÉ where you experience the joy of supreme dining of Rawla Narlai. The restaurant with British and Mughal traces caters to the guests who prefer the pleasure of indoor dining, while the adjacent open to sky palm courtyard offers a delightful view from the quite ambiances. Adding to that, humble service of the local staff and tongue tingling cuisines at Jharoka ensure an absolutely delighting dining experience beyond imagination. While the JBar is enriched with rustic and vibrant Rajasthani ambiances and lively music, the JBar quenches your entire holiday experience very tastefully at Rawla Narlai and delectable finger food creates a perfect mood for the evening ahead. Enjoy your drink from the array of spirits in the vibrant yet tranquil settings of JBar.Our Menu for the first day was simple and sorted. You get all the cuisines but in a limited way. We had Bhaaja Bowl with special Masala mix and grilled smoked aubergine and bell peppers, Sandwiched accompanied by two fresh melon juice. And it was super delicious, I would suggest you MUST TRY IT if you are in Rawla.


There is much to see when you stay at Narlai. The surrounding attractions are plenty and you can enjoy planned excursions with Rawla Narlai.


In the Aravalli Range, the town of Ranakpur is a heavenly abode away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Situated on the Udaipur-Jodhpur highway, Ranakpur attracts a huge number of pilgrims and disciples throughout the year.

Huge and exquisitely carved marble temple, the main Chaumukha Temple, is dedicated to Lord Adinath. Other Jain temples situated in the complex are Neminath and Parasnath, while Sun Temple and Amba Mata are just a short distance away


A short drive away from Narlai is the dam that is home to many species of birds and also the wildlife that comes to this shimmering watering hole.


This Jain temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavir and is approx 10 km away from Rawla Narlai. A fair is held here every year on the thirteenth day of the month of Chaitra. There is a very beautiful story about how Lord Mahavir was given this name. It is another beautifully constructed temple with intricate carvings


The third day we got up late and had a fantastic time near the pool reading books from RawlaNarlai, then had a breakfast. After that, we left for Kumbhalgarh, which is world’s heritage site and was built during the course of the 15th century by Rana Kumbha and was enlarged through the 19th century and is approximately 45km away from Narlai. On a clear evening, one can see the lights of the fort from the distance and it is the most important fort in Mewar after Chittaurgarh, famous for being the birthplace of Maharana Pratap. If you visit RawlaNarlai, you should not miss this heritage!!


Situated in the same compound of the famous Chaturmukha temple is another famous temple dedicated to the Sun God. This temple dates back to 13th century but it was destroyed and reconstructed in the 15th Century. Another beautifully carved temple dedicated to the Amba Devi (Goddess) is close by which is an important temple for the Hindu Community. This temple is an important stop for all those devotees who have faith in the mother goddess.


Ashapura Mata or Goddess is one of the aspect Devi and one of the principal deities of Kutch. As the name indicates, she is the Goddess who fulfills the wishes & desires of all those who trust and believe in her. The unique thing about the idol is that it has 7 pairs of eyes. It is a very sacred place for the Rajput community and they take her blessings for all auspicious functions.


This is a hanging bridge that is near Shri Roop Narayan Mandir, built over the Gomti River. You can enjoy nature’s blessing in this beautiful surrounding.


It is an ancient temple dedicated to the Monkey God. It is an important place of worship and it draws devotees from the nearby villages. In between the two hills, the Hanuman temple has naturally emerged from Mother Earth. Surrounding this temple are many mango trees and a beautiful waterfall.


For all Hindus, this temple holds a place of faithful dedication, even followers of other religions hold the temple in great respect. Surrounded by green hills, water hills and unique natural beauty, this temple is built in the south Indian style.


Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this temple was built by Shri Jagat Singh Chudawat, the nephew of Meera Bai, the great queen devotee of Lord Krishna. The four arms of black stone of the deity hold couch, discus, mace and a lotus flower. To the right of the deity is the idol of Shri Lakshmiji and to the left side is the idol of Bhudevi. Outside facing the deity is his vehicle – the idol of Guru. Nearby is the fount from which gushes forth the Gomti River.


A round trip of Approx 80 kms can take you to 4 different pilgrimages around Kumbhalgarh in Sewantri. These are important Hindu temples and each has their own significance. They are within a close traveling distance of one another and each varies as the deity worshipped is different.


This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is an important pilgrimage for Hindu community. It is said that Sage Parashuram, the sixth manifestation of Lord Vishnu, made the cave with his axe and used to worship Lord Shiva in this serene place in the foothills of Aravali mountain range. The cave is around 24 km from Narlai at the height of 3995 feet above sea level, and one has to climb 400 steps to reach this temple. It has naturally made figures of Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva and also has 9 kunds which never go dry.



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